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comfort zone

I am pretty sure that what I am going to tell you through this post may disturb you. In case this happens, don’t expect an apologize from me because I rather sending you heaps of strength for what it’s coming!

What is my comfort zone?

Have you ever thought about what your comfort zone is? If not, I encourage you to stay here a little bit more because this post definitely will help you.

We can consider comfort zone as everything that doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable at all. Is not taking risks, not doing anything differently, is that feeling that arises when you control totally what you are doing. In other words, being in your comfort zone means not doing anything new daily. 

What do I feel when I am in my comfort zone?

But, do you know what? I am reflecting that being in your comfort zone is awesome! Analogically, is like staying at home the whole day. You feel f***ing comfortable, nobody disturbs your day, you can spend some time watching the TV, then go to the fridge, bathroom…a restful day. Who hasn’t spent somewhat a day like this?

But the problem comes when one spends more than one (or than two) days in the same manner. Who does want to spend a life like this way? That is your comfort zone: feeling like you are at home doing nothing. Or, at least, this is how I understand it.

If you want that big things happen to you, you have to get out and force yourself to make uncomfortably useful efforts. No more options are available…If you don’t run, then run; if you already use to run, then run differently (try HIITs); if you don’t use to read, then read; but if you read, read a different kind of books (“Lateral Thinking” for instance). Really, aren’t you bored enough of doing every day the same?

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How do I leave my comfort zone?

If you want to change and improve your life, it is not necessary finishing and Ironman or learning a new language in one month. So many times we fail because we are not focused enough. It is better just going step by step and by focusing your energy just on 2 or 3 aspects of your life that you want to improve. It is said that human beings can change a habit in 21 days, so in just 3 months you can have achieved so many goals and have changed a lot of aspects of your life.

Here you go some examples:

-What I want to improve that is so hard to me? Listening actively. What can I do for it? Listening as if I were the best listener in the world. Listening is a choice. As easy as that.

-What I want to improve that is so hard to me? Playing the guitar. What can I do for it? Playing the guitar at least 10 minutes per day. Just try 10 minutes. Seeking tutorials on the Internet is also an option. Engage with yourself to play 10 minutes every day.

What I want to make clear is that small daily changes without giving up will make a permanent change. But be careful, because when you reach the permanency in a change, this means that is is not a change anymore. You are in your comfort zone again!

As a conclusion, I would like to recommend you to reflect about this sentence: “When everything is ok in your life, change something”.

I also recommend you to watch this amazing video of the comfort zone. It explains perfectly what your comfort zone is. Have a nice and uncomfortable day 😉

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